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Neuron Onboarding Doc

What do we offer?

We provide an on-demand digital employee at a fraction of the cost.
We empower existing employees with additional capabilities, freeing their time to focus on customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

How do we do it?

We understand your existing business processes
Carrying out a workshop
We work with you to identify actions / tasks that can be done by the digital employee
Mapping internal processes
Consuming core internal knowledge
We roll out the digital employee
Establish channels of communication (email & text messaging)
Setup continuous improvement framework to enable digital employee to adapt to ongoing organisational changes

How much does it cost

We offer a flexible price plan that suits your business needs. Our basic plan starts at £60 + VAT per day of use. If you don’t use, you don’t pay. See for more details.
Initial setup costs apply

Benefits of a digital employee

Available 24/7 via email and / or text message
Works with your existing schedule, remotely and on-site
Engage and communicate using everyday english language

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